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Fresh Breadfruit

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Roasting and Boiling Available  
Breadfruit is most commonly used as a vegetable, and
and is a staple food in many tropical countries.

What Does Breadfruit Taste Like?

Although the strongest breadfruit taste correlation is to freshly-baked bread when cooked, the starch-rich breadfruit can also taste similar to potatoes, though riper varieties taste sweeter because the starch converts to sugar.

This versatile fruit can baked, fried, boiled, candied, pickled, even cut into strips to make breadfruit French fries

When selecting a breadfruit, make sure is firm and has greenish ideal for boiling, when turned/ripened and yellowish ideal and best for roasting.

Breadfruit can make delicious dishes including rundown with dasheen and coconut milk, in soups & curries, roasted and fried to go along side some Ackee and Saltfish!


If you require a specific breadfruit (roasting or boiling) please leave in comments.