Fresh Assorted Fruit Box

Fresh Assorted Fruit Box

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Introducing our delightful Fruit Box, a handpicked selection of fresh, premium fruits perfect for families of all sizes. Each box contains a variety of crisp apples, succulent pears, juicy grapes, and ripe bananas, along with a rotating assortment of nature's finest offerings, subject to availability.

Available in three convenient sizes, our Fruit Box caters to families of all appetites and preferences. Please note that the number of fruits included in each box varies based on its size:

- Small Box: Includes approximately 6 fruits
- Medium Box: Includes approximately 8 fruits
- Large Box: Includes approximately 10-12 fruits, with larger quantities ensuring ample variety and satisfaction

If you would like to pick your own fruits or have specific preferences, please add your requests to the notes section during checkout or email us at We'll do our best to accommodate your preferences and ensure your satisfaction.

Here are some of the top ten fruits you can expect to find in our Fruit Box:

1. Apples
2. Pears
3. Grapes
4. Bananas
5. Oranges
6. Berries
7. Kiwis
8. Pineapples
9. Plums or Nectarines 
10. Melons (honeydew, galia, watermelon etc.)

Experience the joy of wholesome, healthy eating with our Fruit Box today!

Customer Reviews

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Fruit box and extras

As always it’s a pleasure buying from exotic express my fruit and veg, bun etc always come fresh I have no complaints


I never have any problems or complaints. The box is full of fresh fruits. I purchased the small size the box is also more than worth the price!! I didn’t take a picture of everything but here is a few. There was more much more pineapples, melon … i definitely recommend.

Franklin Blake

Everything was well packaged and came exactly how it should. All fresh products and really good quality! Came really fast too! Definitely order again

Claire Boatswain
Great Service

I got quite a bit of shopping over Easter and everything was fresh and packaged well. I would definitely recommend and I'll be using them again.