Fresh Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper 300g

Fresh Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper 300g

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Authentic Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper seed (Capsicum chinense),Frequently Confused with Habanero, Definitely not the same !


Real Scotch Bonnet ,,Frequently Confused with Habanero,Definitely not the same"Large and very well flavored Bonnets, growing on strong plants.TFM means ""true form""

This is a real Scotch Bonnet “NOT” Yellow or Orange Habanero that others try and pass off as Scotch Bonnet.
Jamaica is almost as famous for its fiery Scotch bonnet peppers (which are rated as hotter than most habaneros) as it is for Reggae music and sports. Rarely will you find a Jamaican cooking without some of this pepper. Most often used on jerk chicken or pork, peppered shrimp, peppered steak and patties (a meat-filled pie), Scotch bonnet is the pepper of choice among Caribbean nationals. But for most visitors, especially those unfamiliar with this pungent chile, the strength of the Scotch bonnet is a shock.

Scotch Bonnet Pepper is widely used to season many different dishes and cuisines by Jamaican Chefs and households. Scotch bonnet peppers give Jerk Pork, Jerk Chicken and Jerk Fish their unique flavour.
Jamaican delicacies like curried goat, stews, soups, rice and peas and other everyday meals such as patties (a meat filled pie) and peppered shrimp: are all enhanced by the incredible flavour of Scotch bonnet peppers.