Yellow Honeydew Melon 1kg

Yellow Honeydew Melon 1kg

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The flesh is an attractive creamy white-yellow and the flavour, when good, is sweet and mildly fragrant. Yellow honeydew have great shelf-life and can last for weeks in cool room temperatures.

Ripeness: Good-quality yellow honeydew melons will be firm with a small amount of softness at the stem, otherwise they are difficult to select for sweetness.


Grown in: Yellow Honeydew are mainly grown for the European market (a Honeydew in USA is a creamy green-yellow colour), but can be produced in any Mediterranean climatic region.

Harvest & Availability: Due to their durability, most yellow honeydew on sale in UK come from either Spain or Brazil, with small volumes from Senegal, Costa Rica, Italy, etc.
June to September: Spain, Italy
October to May: Brazil
December to May: Costa Rica